Adventures in Oz: 5e Campaign Setting

Bringing the Wonderful World of Oz to 5E RPG. Fun for adults as well as the whole family. Over 500 hardcover pages in two volumes.

Adventures in Oz: Collector's Poker Deck

Kickstarter Ended, limited supply available soon!

The Adventures in Oz Playing Card Deck is a project inspired by the writings of L. Frank Baum. Drawing from his collection of books depicting the land of Oz, we created a vision of Oz with a modern design aesthetic. Each face card has a major character from Oz, including Dorothy’s entourage, the good and wicked Witches, and fan favorites like the Wizard and Winged Monkeys.

Campaign for President

Available NOW!

Campaign for President is an easy-to-learn card & dice game for ages 8 and up and playable in 30 minutes or less, where you compete with your friends to be elected the next President of the United States. Available on Amazon.